chicken mole v1 (255x170)

Chicken mole salad

You ready to laugh today? Because I guarantee you will at least once in this post. Megan is awesome in many ways, from the fact that she used to be a lumberjack (yes, seriously. Go read her about section if you don’t believe me) in college to the fact that she refers to “chicken boobs”…

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fruit leather v1 (157x235)

Strawberry banana fruit leather

Today’s post from Rachel just screams back to school to me. Fruit roll ups were one of the few “normal” kid snacks my mom actually bought for us. I might’ve been that kid with whole wheat sandwiches, fruit as “dessert” and carrot sticks on the side but occasionally, I did get fruit roll ups. Those were the…

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apples 1 (250x183)

Baklava stuffed apples with coconut cream

I’ve wanted to tell you about these apples for weeks now, but I patiently kept my mouth shut waiting for my turn at Rachel’s Apple a Day party this month. For approximately 335 days a year I couldn’t care less about apples. Out of all the fruits in the world, they’re usually among my bottom…

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bbq tofu (260x173)

BBQ mango tofu

Today my CSA partner in crime, Brandy, is taking over and talking tofu. Stop. Don’t run away just because I said tofu. Look at that picture below and tell me you don’t want to dive into that bbq mango abyss. It’s tempting me and I’m in the midst of a gelato and pasta free for…

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Scenes from Italy: part 1

Ciao! We’ve been in Italy for 5 days now but are just getting started with the tour portion having spent the first few days in and around Milan visiting family. Days filled with tons of carbs, language confusion, late trains, sweets and about a pack of cigarette’s worth of second hand smoke but also wonderful…

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