cauliflower couscous  (165x170)

From bookmark to blog: cauliflower “couscous”

Is she seriously trying to get me to eat cauliflower the day before Labor Day weekend? I’m going to guarantee that’s what 90% of you (of those who are even reading this and not already off at the beach like I plan to be once this work day is over) are thinking right now. Yep….

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Roasted tomato cashew hummus (155x195)

Roasted tomato cashew “hummus”

More tomatoes. More roasting. It’s getting a little broken record-ish over here, huh? Sorry. Except not really. I don’t think I’ve really come outright and said it on here, but I’m doing a little paleo/SCD experiment in these parts. Besides a couple forkfuls of pasta, a bite of an apple cider donut and a Sunday…

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Tomato Leek Muffins (156x200)

Sun dried tomato leek muffins

We went to the county fair yesterday. I saw cows (did you know there are dairy cows the color of weimaraners? totally in love), goats, sheep, wool scarf making, chickens and pigs. There was a canine tent, a dock dog jump and a mini zoo. You could eat all the funnel cakes, hot dogs, cider…

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tomato peach sauce  (158x210)

Roasted tomato & peach sauce with spaghetti

There are literally about 25 pounds of tomatoes sitting on my counter right now. The csa gave us free reign of the tomato patch this week and I kind of went crazy. It was basically a nice little warm up for the farmer’s carry we did at crossfit later that night. Who needs kettle bells…

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sponsor (200x47)

August sponsor shout out

It’s that time of the month again to get to know the lovely sponsors that have been hanging out on the sidebar for the past month. I hope you’ve already clicked over to see each of their little spots on the internet but if not, here’s your chance to meet them. When Carrie first emailed…

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