Donut bites, Rita’s (x2), personalized coozie drinking, Crossfit,

new shoes (on clearance),

a new(er) car,

and an almost brother for Ginger. He can be found here in case you’re in the New York area and looking for a pup. I wanted to take him home sooooo badly.

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      Running to the Kitchen says

      He does look like Honey! I actually thought that when I saw him! Kinda weird huh considering I’ve never even met Honey (or you!) haha.

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      One just opened literally 2 minutes from my house! I thought of you the second I saw it, haha. I’m calling tomorrow so I can finally try it out!

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      Running to the Kitchen says

      YOU do it! I’ll get him and drive him to you :) You’ve got the kids to take care of him and give him lots of love ;)

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    oh man…i saw the top of that puppy’s head and I was like SHE DID NOT!! And then I was sad that you didn’t. Ginger totally needs a brother right??? :)
    Congrats on the ride!!! RX 350? Everyone in Bellevue has one. We giggle at how many there are around here. Every time we drive in Bellevue we count them and then have to stop b/c there are just to many. I secretly want one b/c I think they are the most stylish of all the SUV’s. Shhhhh…don’t tell my Rogue. :)

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      Running to the Kitchen says

      If we had a fenced in yard, I probably would’ve taken him (Ulys would’ve just killed me) but the thought of having to leash walk a dog right now is enough to make my lazy butt resist. He was so friggin adorable though!
      And yes, it’s a RX 350. I didn’t notice how many people had them either until I started looking myself but literally, every other car here is one too. It’s insane.

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    that pup is like the cutest thing on this planet, how could you walk away?!

    ps- need those shoes. wish we were same size. le sigh.

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