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You guys ready to meet some awesome sponsors from the month of July? If you haven’t already clicked over to their blogs in the past 23 days, well then here’s your chance to learn a bit more about these lovely ladies.

I met Kelly at the Blend retreat earlier this year when we sat at the end of a 20-something large lunch table together. At the time, she mentioned how she was relatively new to blogging. So imagine my surprise when I came home, started looking up all the blogs of the new bloggers I had met and found her awesome site. There’s nothing new or amateur about it at all! It’s clean, easy to navigate and filled with great content as well as beautiful pictures. After an inspirational weight loss, her site is full of simple, healthy recipes woven into her day to day life with her husband and adorable daughter.

Favorite post this month? Bourbon Tilapia w/ Baked Sweet Potatoes and Peaches

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We’ve got lots of repeat sponsors this month, including Lauren. Her blog turned 1 earlier in the month (woohoo!) and pretty much every post she put up made my mouth water.

Favorite 3 posts from the month:

Lemon Potatoes Somebody please put these in my mouth (twss). She may liken the looks of these to worms, my all time least favorite creature on this earth, but I still want them.

Raw Pecan Coconut Butter This is Lauren’s spin on one of Katie’s nut butters. I finished her java almond butter yesterday and shed a tear, this one is up next!

Red Wheat Risotto Hopefully she doesn’t get mad at me for linking to what she called a “fail”. Here’s my reasoning, it was barely a fail, she explains why and how to fix it (simple, soak the berries overnight) and the flavor pairings in it just sound too good to pass up. Every one needs a good risotto recipe in their back pocket and this one looks like a keeper!

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Remember Jackie? Here are some of my faves from her this month:

How Eric and I Met I’m always amused at reading how people met. Ulysses and my first encounter involved a post-high school party, a stalker black leather jacket wearing creepy friend and the police. Jackie’s includes a headstand against a tree and writing a check to split the cost of their date. Awesome.

Fishmas Excellent idea. Mainly because I could eat cocktail sauce by the cupful and this is a legit way to do so.

Food Face Chomp! Celebrates Independence Day Water, boats and cute dogs. What more can you ask for in a post?

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In less than 2 weeks Kat and I are going to Blogher together. We each printed out the agenda and circled the sessions we wanted to attend and guess what? All but one were the same. Sometimes, I think we share a brain. So here are my favorite posts from her this past month. They’re most likely hers too.

This is Their Future It’s funny and it actually makes me like children for like .5 seconds. That’s saying something, believe me.

The Russian’s Sure Do Know How to Cook Kat grew up in Russia during communism. Does anyone else think that’s just crazy? While we read about that ish in history books, Kat was living it. I love this post because it feels like an insight into what her world was like. Also, related to her Russian-ness…did you know Russians have different sounds for animals. If you click anything of Kat’s, please click this in which you will hear her demonstrating said sounds. It brings me to hysterics every time. Her poor child will be so confused come kindergarten.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes It’s simple and pretty, just how I like my food.

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Did you check out (or even better, link up with) 23PAWS yesterday? I’m a slacker and didn’t get a Ginger post put together in time but Cinnamon had a great turnout for her second link up party.

Favorite posts from this month:

Guess What? I love surprise posts, especially when they’re not pregnancy related.

All You Need Click that. Seriously, do it.

ABCs of Happiness I love reading these kind of posts from other people. Interestingly enough, I hate writing them myself. It’s like an acceptable way to indulge your inner nosey-ness.

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Running blogs make up a good portion of my google reader even though I haven’t really felt the desire to run a race in more than 6 months. Brittany’s blog is definitely not a running blog, but she just ran in the Color Me Rad series this past weekend and I have to say, I’m kinda jealous. It looks like such a fun time. I figure if you’re going to spend the money and torture yourself with the ungodly wake up times that races entail, you might as well run a fun one like that. Brittany’s post is full of great tips for anyone running or considering running in one of the races in the near future.

Other faves from her this past month:

Quick and Easy Lunch Idea: Salad in a Jar This almost makes me wish I didn’t work from home so I could try this cute idea without dirtying a glass jar for absolutely no reason.

Tone It Up Bikini Challenge Recap Brittany did the Tone It Up Girls bikini challenge earlier this summer. and she was totally on point with the food and exercise. Her before and after pics speak for themselves. Super impressive.

Healthy Berry Cobler & Overnight Oats Dessert and breakfast that just happens to be healthy in the same post. My two favorite meals. Yes, I consider dessert a meal in and of itself.

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    Wanna babysit? juuust kidding ;)

    ps- I’m pretty sure it’s American animal sounds that are confusing to a child – when was the last time you heard a pig say oink? Seriously?

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