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Yesterday I spent my lunch hour knee deep in dough, sugar and butter. Guess what that means? Yep, PW Wednesday is tomorrow. Today though, let me introduce you to some awesome new bloggers from June’s sponsorship. Get your mouse ready, there’s lots of good clicking!

Lauren’s blog is filled with amazing food. There were actually 2 times last week that I was on Tasteologie, clicked on a picture because it looked so good without seeing whose post it was and was taken to Lauren’s blog. If I just stayed on top of my google reader, I would’ve known. Her photography is gorgeous and she gets some awesome up close shots that make me feel like I could grab the food right off the screen.

Favorite post this month? Yucca Fries with Aji Pepper Yellow Sauce

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Reasons why Jackie’s blog rocks…she managed to get the word “chomp” in her title, her dog Barkley and these salt & pepper shakers. Part food, part home décor, part wedding planning, there’s something for everyone.

Favorite post this month? Food Face Chomp!: Bridal Shower Edition I’m in love with her dress in this post.

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Oh look, it’s Kat again. You learned a bit about her last month so instead of repeating myself here’s my favorite 3 posts from her this month:

Scrabble Wine Charms (because I have not an ounce of artsy creativity and I think I could actually handle this)

Running Stat Free and Homemade Applesauce I’ve used my Garmin once since December, I can totally relate to this.

“Lasagna” Stuffed Shells Meat, cheese and pasta. What else do you need?

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Cinnamon’s another repeat offender but something I didn’t mention last month that all you pet owner bloggers need to jump on is 23PAWS, a monthly link up where you can gush about your pet. Who wouldn’t want to do that?! Check out party #1 that just took place on Saturday.

Favorite post this month? Blogging Thoughts A deeper post and not the norm over there but a great read that I think a lot of us can relate to.

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If you want the full recap on Brittany’s site, check out last month’s post. I’ve bookmarked quite a few of her posts/recipes this past month. These are all high on the list:

Eat Clean Backpack Kisses Adorable, healthy and I can only imagine incredibly tasty!

Zucchini Noodles in a Thai Peanut Sauce I live for peanut sauce. Repeated allergy tests tell me I’m allergic to peanuts, however, I’ve never had a reaction and it’s too good to stop eating. That’s what EpiPens are for.

Hooked on Green Smoothies + The Green Elvis This post is a prime example of why I love Brittany’s blog. A delicious recipe, healthy food made approachable and educational information on why it’s good for you.

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Jamie’s life is quite hectic right now as she and her husband just moved back to the States after spending the past few years in Korea (ps- I’m only slightly jealous of that) teaching English. Jamie’s blog documents her weight loss journey and her recipe creations with a touch of style thrown in (help me, please?).

Favorite post this month? Support A great post on how to handle a weight loss journey with a spouse or significant other. I got lucky in this regard. Ulysses will eat whatever is placed in front of him without complaint or resentment. I’d love to say it’s because he’s so supportive but I really think it stems from laziness. I’ll take it either way.

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This is slightly awkward, but I used to want to be named Cara so badly in elementary school that I‘ll admit to reading Cara’s blog for the first time solely because of that. However, one look at her recipes (like these stuffed artichokes from yesterday) and you’ll realize why I stuck around. Cara is a healthy living (mostly food) blogger with an affinity for heavy-lifting. Sound familiar? Birds of a feather…

Favorite post this month? Roasted Blueberry Ice Cream Since I can’t seem to stop roasting fruit lately.

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If you have a blog, an etsy shop or a small business you’re interested in promoting to a new set of readers, see my sponsor tab for more information. July has a few spots open!

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