What I’m thinking Wednesday

1. I’m a complete flake and titled yesterday’s post “Lemon quinoa with roasted grapes & walnuts” when it was really almonds. I don’t even have a good excuse like I was planning on using walnuts but decided against it at the last minute or anything. I blame the altitude. Being 5,0o0 feet or so higher than normal has to affect your brain somehow, right?

2. I ate frozen yogurt, chicken wings, deep fried cheese curds and drank 4 pints of beer last night as my dinner. Oops.

3. Getting 4 beers in with your coworkers is kinda fun.

4. Closing the restaurant down while doing so is even more fun.

5. I’m an outgoing, aggressive, don’t really hold back kind of person. When people rate the recipes on here literally minutes after they’re posted and give it anything less than a 5, I get seriously pissed off. Obviously, that person has not yet made the recipe and is basing that rating on the ingredients alone. If you want to make the recipe and then rate it, I have no problem with that. If you want to speculate, I do. If I knew who you were we’d fight. File this under #thingsyoushouldavoidaddressingafter4pintsofbeer. Also file it under #completeabuseofhashtags

6. I have a couple really awesome recipes I could’ve shared today but editing and writing about them after #3 and #4 just seemed too overwhelming.

7. 6 days is the point where I go from remembering my dog rolled in shit 3 out of the last 7 days I was home to really missing her regardless.

8. The Fairy Hobmother is actually real and visited me with a $50 Amazon gift card! If you leave a comment below, you may get a visit as well.

9. In 7 days I’ll be in Napa with this lady. I plan on eating an insane amount vegetables, drinking as much water as physically possible and working out every single day in preparation for 4 days of wine & food gluttony.

10. I have absolutely no recollection of where I parked my car at the airport. Thank god for the panic button.


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  1. 3


    Ha ha ha!!!! Sounds like an awesome night out with your coworkers….well worth it! And sorry about your dog….no fun having to bathe a dog nearly every night! Take lots of pictures in Napa – would love to hear about your trip. :-)

  2. 4


    Hahah, I totally put walnuts in the quinoa salad, & was wondering if it was supposed to be almonds. Crushing walnuts is less complicated, so I took the easy way out. ;) It’s SO good, btw and my husband loves it too. It’s going to be our lunch today.

    • 7

      Running to the Kitchen says

      Right? It’s the funniest thing. She knows she’s going to get one too when she comes back covered in crap because I just point to the stairs and she walks up, turns right into the bathroom and hops in the tub without me even forcing her. You’d think she’d put two and two together and just not roll!

  3. 8


    1 – It’s happens to the best of us. Walnuts or almonds, I’m sure it did/would taste yummy either way.
    2 – Umm, yes please! I love me some cheese curds.
    3 – I don’t have coworkers but I could definitely drink 4 beer alone…haha
    4 – Love that!
    5 – Welcome to the word of clique blogging. Same ppl promoting the same ppl. They just go around giving each other stars….it’s lame.
    6 – I haven’t updated in like 3 weeks. You’re doing way better than me!
    7 – Awwww Ginger :)
    8 – How cool! Amazon is my go to shopping joint!
    9 – I’m jealous you will be in Napa. I sorta wanna be there too!
    10 – That was me on Monday. I looked like a crazy person cussing through the parking lot.

  4. 9


    How disheartening that people will rate a recipe without making it!! WTH! Laugh them off while you are living it up in Napa – so jealous, I have always wanted to go!! What is it with dogs rolling in crap? Peanut does it all the time. So. Foul.

  5. 11


    Getting 4 beers in with your husband’s coworkers even more fun! Except it wasn’t beer, I don’t remember what it was but it began with a shot of tequila I was made to drink. (My husband’s boss insisted!!!) Don’t worry though, my hubby still has his job :)

    Super jealous about Naples!!!

  6. 12


    Your dinner sounds fabulous and makes me jealous. 4 pints AND fro-yo?!

    ANd my dog also acts like it’s the end of the world when he gets a bath!

  7. 15

    Lindsay says

    Aw, Ginger! Lucy gets the same sad, puppy face in the tub. I don’t understand “Fairy Hobmother” but do love amazon! I apparently also need to google “fried cheese curds” because I don’t know about them either…

    • 16

      Running to the Kitchen says

      I didn’t know what the heck the Fairy Hobmother was either until reading about it recently on someone else’s blog but apparently it’s just this person that goes around gifting Amazon giftcards randomly. I’ll take it! :)

  8. 20


    OMG thank you for sharing. I hope you picked up your hashtag abuse from me. ;)

    I’m glad to find somebody else who’s as aggressive and willing to speak her mind as I am! Happy travels. Hopefully we’ll meet again sometime. Maybe at some higher ed shindig.

  9. 23


    I don’t know why people bother to do that crap with people’s recipes. It’s like when people rate books on Amazon and say it just doesn’t sound good. Read the instructions about rating things people!

    • 25

      Running to the Kitchen says

      We’re actually staying in Sonoma, not Napa. Just said Napa as a general term…so we’ll be sure to check that out! Thanks :)

  10. 26


    Hahahahaha – this entire post really made me crack up.

    Also? I was making a grocery list yesterday and meant to write “strawberries” and came back moments later only to realize I wrote “carrots” – so you’re not alone.

    SO jealous of your Napa trip! I’ve never been. I hope you take lots of pictures!

  11. 28


    What is a fairy hobmother? OMG 7 days….DYING. Also in detox. Yesterday I had a half of a watermelon…I figured it made up for the lack of water I drank most of the day.

  12. 29


    10. I have absolutely no recollection of where I parked my car at the airport. Thank god for the panic button. <—I have done that.

    This post cracked me up and your doggy is adorable!

  13. 30


    The Fairy Hobmother is pretty darn awesome!

    And I too have titled a post incorrectly. I have also posted wrong info, i.e. that something was GF but a certain component within the recipe contained traces of gluten, and boy, people will write in to tell you when you make a mistake!

    • 31


      I can’t believe nobody mentioned it until 1am last night! Had they not commented, I probably would’ve never noticed. Granted, I’m sure if it was mislabeled as vegan or something I would’ve gotten a few comments sooner than that ;)

  14. 32

    melissa says

    Hahaha that sounds like my dinner I had on Saturday, only it involved more tequila… oy. And too funny about the walnut/almond switch up, I didn’t even notice!

    • 34

      Running to the Kitchen says

      the rating thing is on the plug in I use so after you comment there’s a spot to pick how many stars out of 5 you want to rate it. I think there’s an option to turn it off, which I may do…

  15. 35


    This post is hilarious! I’m so with you on number 5 – I think people are just rating recipes on how they sound? Whatever, to each their own, but it does kind of irk me when I see 3 stars not even 2 minutes after I post. Make it before you judge it!

  16. 36


    LOL. You crack me up! I’m so glad I met you @Blend!! #5 and #7 are my favs. #ilovemesomelonghashtags and #thatsreallyannoyingifpeopleratebeforebaking.

    As for the shit-rolling: OY- I have 2 dogs and totally know the feeling. So cute, so sweet, and so dirty sometimes :)

  17. 37


    LOL…can’t say that I’ve never had an ingredient mishap myself. I like the new what-I’m-thinking post. As a sidenote, congrats on filling up your add space so quickly. When I saw you were doing that, I thought it was a great idea and look how fast it’s being snapped up! Nice work!

  18. 39


    1. Either sounds great to me. I was too distracted by the idea of roasting grapes (yum) to notice!
    2. Sometimes you just have to indulge. I’d say you picked the best of the best (deep fried cheese curds!)
    3. Fun
    4. Even Better!!
    5. I’m guilty of rating recipes before I try but ONLY when I’m giving 5s because they #justlooksodarnamazing! I’ve never had a recipe of yours that I didn’t love!
    6. Can’t wait to see them!
    7. My puppy had poop in her mouth today and I freaked. I don’t get it!! Our dogs would get along.
    8. Visit ME Fairy Hobmother!!! I have an amazon wishlist (a tripod, 2 lenses, and a new book!)
    9. That a girl!! I love Napa!!
    10. What did we do before the panic button?
    11. You Rock!!

  19. 42


    Maybe deep, deep down you really wanted to put walnuts, but your conscious told you to put almonds instead?
    I am guilty of rating your recipes before trying them. #donthateme. In my defense, I don’t see how anything you make could really be anything less than 4 stars. I can’t wrap my brain around that concept.
    Puppies in the bathtub pics are my all time favorite! Made my Wednesday…
    btw…that sounds like one of the best dinners ever!

  20. 47


    Gina – your dinner last night sounds incredible! seriously. i think you got in all 4 of my favorite foods. and Napa! How fun. What an amazing time you’ll have there. I’ve never been! Can’t wait to read about it all. :)

  21. 48


    Hope Denver treated you well. If conferences bring you through here again, I’d love to get together for a beer (or four)! :) The altitude can definitely add to the fun. Just wait till you get up to the mountains and then 4 really feels like 6.

    Have a blast in Napa!! I’ve only been to Sonoma but it is still one of my most favorite girls trips. So SO much fun, and so much cheese/wine. Heaven.

    • 49

      Running to the Kitchen says

      I have to be back in July for another conference so I’d love to! I had absolutely no downtime during this one with events and coworkers but next time!

    • 52

      Running to the Kitchen says

      Oh my gosh, that one kills me too. I thought about addressing it actually in this post but figured I’d done enough ranting with the whole parmesan thing already ;)

  22. 53

    Christy H says

    I have only started following your blog a month ago, but after today’s post, I think I like you even more. LOL! Thank you for being real.

    • 54

      Running to the Kitchen says

      Haha, thanks Christy. we can all relate to a few too many beers and bad food, I guess ;)

  23. 55

    Kris says

    I just discovered your blog recently and I love it! Thank you for being real. Beer with coworkers shouldn’t be passed up on!

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