Wine, fondue and friends

I give myself a D for this week’s what I ate Wednesday. There’s hardly a green in sight from yesterday’s meals. My excuse? Life got in the way. I had to get a new computer yesterday from the main office in Connecticut, an hour and 45 minutes away and between that commute and happy hour with coworker friends, greens weren’t a priority. Wine and socializing was.


Overnight oats, even though I just said how I wasn’t a huge fan of them. Sometimes convenience wins out. Mounds of coconut butter on top also make anything more delicious. Also, coffee and lots of it. The drive to the main office during rush hour is infuriating. It’s mostly one lane back roads because there is no good highway that goes diagonally through the state of Connecticut and without fail I get stuck behind a school bus, a garbage truck or a tractor trailer every single time going 30 mph at best. If the post office incident wasn’t telling enough, I lose my patience easily in situations like this. Coffee and 80s Madonna on the radio help.


Here’s the only green of the day in the form of a granny smith apple, sprouts and cucumbers. That’s a teriyaki salmon sandwich with wasabi, sprouts and cucumber on whole wheat. Not bad, not terribly delicious either.

I also drank an insane amount of water between lunch and 5pm because the office was 79 degrees inside. I think it’s kind of funny that I work for a company that consults on college’s facilities operations and we can’t even get our office temperature figured out.


Does spinach in a cheddar cheese fondue count towards the green tally? If so, maybe I should change my grade to a C because I definitely had my fair share of that. We went to an awesome wine bar/restaurant, enjoyed a couple glasses of wine, fondue and a bacon, chicken gorgonzola flatbread for dinner.

Can we be real for a minute? I honestly had anxiety over yesterday. I wasn’t going to be home in my routine where I can workout or cook something during my lunch break, wear spandex instead of office appropriate clothes and actually have to talk to humans instead of my dog. How sad is that? I know.

Guess what, the world didn’t end because I couldn’t cook anything yesterday, had to take a rest day from working out, put on makeup, real clothes and actually wore my wedding rings. In fact, I had the best damn time I’ve had in awhile in the 2 hours of happy hour/dinner actually talking to real people, people I like and enjoying life out from behind the computer screen. Also, anything that gives me 3 hours of radio time and the ability to sing True Blue (baby I love you….) at the top of my lungs is worth it.

I need to get out more often.


Do you get thrown off when your schedule is interrupted or are you a go with the flow type? 

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    I am totally a schedule girl! I am try to relax a little more so I can.. kind of … go with the flow. I love my routine.. and thrive in my routine.. and get anxious when there are changes! I need to loosen up!

  2. 3


    I’m not a huge fan of fondue but yours sounds excellent. Was the place in jersey or CT? I talk o people all day long for my job so yours sounds heavenly right now, especially during tax time. Let’s switch for a day! Lol

  3. 4


    Sounds like a fun day actually, despite the traffic. I think forcing yourself out of routine on occasion is super important and reaching out of your comfort zone. I’ve learned to be much more go with the flow over the past several years and life is a ton easier this way.

  4. 5


    I definitely get thrown off when my schedule gets interrupted, and I feel like it’s gotten worse since I’ve been working from home. Putting on real clothes, makeup, and doing my hair now feels like this big production, when I used to do that I remember when I was waking up at 5am just to get to the gym, and often wasn’t home from work/errands until 8pm at night. My flexible schedule totally spoils me now!

    • 6

      Running to the Kitchen says

      I feel like it has gotten worse for me too since starting to work from home. I remind myself that not even 6 months ago I was in an office and I can’t even believe it! I honestly feel proud of myself on days I put more than 2 minutes into my appearance. It’s sad.

  5. 9


    Haha, I’m the same way– I DREAD getting thrown off my schedule, and because I do a lot of my work from home, sometimes I dread socializing, even when I know it’s going to be fun. And then I actually shower, get dressed (in non-yoga clothes), and get out of the house…and have a great time. Glad you had a good day!

  6. 14


    I see pepitas and a green apple in the first two pictures, and the spinach totally counts! You’re doing fine. :)

    Glad you had an awesome time! I think we ALL need to get out more. Unless you’re someone who’s never home.

  7. 15


    I agree with you on getting out more often and just BREATHING and not letting cooking or other stuff get in the way. Sometimes we just need that break! Glad you took it and I would’ve loved to grab 2+ glasses of wine with you! Traffic blows, I hate it around DC. I have psycho road rage. Maybe i shouldn’t have admitted that lol

  8. 20


    I feel guilty, stir-crazy, and stressed if I don’t get a work-out in. However, at the end of the day, I learn to accept that I can’t do it all in a day and that makes it ok. That’s why we have tomorrows right, for redemption! The lunch looks pretty good to me and the pizza looks delish!

  9. 21


    I like to think I’m a flexible, go-with-the-flow person but I’m rediscovering that I’m definitely disrupted by a change in routine! My gym has two weeks of spring break fitness classes, so I’m without my usual classes to draw me in and feeling more like a slug everyday.
    I love fondue, though. My roommate and I have regular fondue nights. We dip roasted brussel sprouts, roasted potatoes, steamed cauliflower, and baguette slices in cheese fondue…yum!

  10. 23


    I’ve been so busy lately but thankfully I’ve also had the week off from cooking the main meals since we have a “guest” in the house who has offered to help. Normally I feel thrown off for a moment but get right back onto that horse! ^^

  11. 25


    I totally go with the flow – which is probably why I’m having such a hard time losing this extra 15 I got goin’ on. Grrr. My life gets too crazy and I lose track of everything, although I have the best intentions of eating all my greens. Intentions never let anyone lose weight – so I have to work on being more on track.
    But you sure deserved your cheat day. wine and fondue – a win.

  12. 26


    That fondue looks so good. And the best part about driving anywhere by yourself is being able to rock out with no one around to judge.

  13. 27


    Life should take priority! I think the whole ‘healthy’ thing can be a tricky road, because then you have to do something different and there’s that anxiety and it’s like woah – this is a problem. But I’m glad you did your different day anyway and had fun! Real health is balance. :)

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