3 states, 3 meals, 3 time zones

I’m starting to think the whole “green” thing for what I ate Wednesday’s just isn’t going to happen for me this month. A day of traveling through airports doesn’t equal much green, but I tried!


I grabbed the least expired Chobani in the fridge, threw in some wheatberries I cooked up over the weekend and added a bunch of toppings including a breakfast cookie before heading out the door to the airport.

And of course because I was already late leaving the house, this happened.

Murphy’s law, it’s a bitch,

I ended up getting to LaGuardia just in time, running through security only to get to my gate and find out the flight was delayed. It was one of those 15 minute delays they keep pushing back by a few minutes that eventually turns into an hour +.


A crappy ham & cheese sandwich that lured me in saying it was gruyere but ended up tasting like nasty, stale feet. The fruit salad was pretty good though. Definitely a fan of the mango pieces instead of the usual mushy melon you find in airport fruit salads.

Here’s the part where I sat on the already delayed flight at the gate for 1.5 hours as we kept getting told maintenance was working on a computer issue and we should be leaving any minute. That gets old fast especially when you’ve already been delayed an hour before boarding. This text from Ulysses who had Ginger with him at work made the wait a little more bearable.

If I had the time or energy, I’d clip art a pipe onto her mouth because it just seems like that would be fitting.  Ulysses said this is her negotiator face, customers beware.

They finally kicked us off the plane because the part they needed to fix whatever the mechanical issue was resided across town at JFK. Some quick rebooking on the phone with Delta while the rest of the flight waited at the counter (suckers) and I was back inside the airport hunting down a snack.

Coconut water for hydration (love buying these big ones when I’m not the one paying for it!) and a new to me coconut flavored almond milk yogurt which was pretty good but very weird texture wise, enjoyed from the comfort of my spacious middle seat thanks to being rebooked on an almost full flight. The one redeeming fact about this flight however, was the guy next to me who bought girl scout cookies from some lady pedaling them for her daughter on the plane and shared with everyone. He also ended up being the CEO of a major electrical distribution company and the guy to my right ended up being the CFO of Graco, something I didn’t find out until the end of the flight. Note to self, be on your A game at all times, never know who you’re going to sit next to.


I guess there are actually two redeeming facts about the rebooking situation because dinner at French Meadow in Minneapolis definitely beats out any Atlanta options I would’ve had (unless I was in the Chick-fil-A terminal). If you’re ever traveling through MSP, I highly recommend this place. It’s still airport food but it’s way better than most.

I had their Irresistible Grilled Cheese that came with a really good side salad and some Thai curry vegetable soup. Dinner with a view and free, un-crowded outlets, what more can you ask for in an airport?

Starbucks, that’s what more because this Worldbean latte that I ended my day with sucked in every way possible. Diluted, tepid and burnt tasting.

I contemplated a couple of drinks of the alcoholic variety since I got upgraded to first on my last flight but decided against it as meeting my coworker in Phoenix toasted didn’t seem like one of my finer ideas. We searched for frozen yogurt on our drive to the hotel without any success so I ended up going to bed with a growling stomach. I hate how traveling backwards in time zones makes me want to eat approximately 56 meals a day.

Green count for the day: 1

I’ve got one more week to redeem myself.

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  1. 3


    hey first class of your last flight is one thing that seemed to go right! And dinner does sounds great. I can’t really imagine traveling the amount that you do for work, it must get pretty exhausting. Although I guess working from home all other times balances that out a bit?

    • 4


      Yeah, the work from home part definitely makes up for it. Can’t complain too much and I do in fact like the traveling, keeps me sane, gets me out and I’ve gotten to see a lot more of the states than I otherwise would’ve :)

  2. 6


    Ohh man for previous job, I traveled every two weeks and was gone for two weeks. I’d always have to go through MSP and I absolutely hate that airport! Maybe it’s because I’ve only ever had a layover longer than 20 minutes ONCE in the entire 5 years I was at that job lol. Either way, I feel your pain with having to find something decent at airports. It sucks! The French Meadow place isn’t bad (I know exactly where that is – is that sad lol) and I have to say, it just seemed like a glorified Panera to me! I’m glad you found something decent to eat though!

    • 7


      It is pretty much a glorified Panera (good comparison!) but that definitely beats out fast food crap that’s in most others. I feel your pain on the short layovers, I refuse to have anything less than 55 minutes when I book b/c I’ve run through too many airports before like a lunatic doing that. They wanted to rebook me through DTW with a 35 minutes connection, I was like hell no, do you know how long that tunnel is between terminals?! hah

      • 8


        You are absolutely right. Compared to all the other garbage they have in airports that’s the best option! They do have more vegetarian options that aren’t TOO horrible unlike Panera haha. Too funny about DTW! Actually if you stay in the A terminal here in DTW it’s not so bad. It’s only when you have to through the colorgasm tunnel it can be a time crunch. Glad you made it safely to where ever you were going! <3

  3. 9


    Man, I SOOO feel that pain (though I think you travel a lot more for work than me) — it’s the worst when you scramble to catch your flight and THEN it’s delayed and you’ve already grabbed crappy food because you were so rushed. I’m glad you got a good dinner though, at least that’s a redeeming factor in all of this, right? Hang in there!

  4. 11

    suzanne says

    Sounds like quite the trip! I had to comment though b/c we JUST traveled thru Minn – and ate at French Meadow! I LOVED it!!!! I live in a very rural area so we do not eat out much – and do not have any vegan options. It was (almost) the highlight of my trip to the beach for a week!!!

  5. 17


    Meals in airports are terrible! Jenna Weber just blogged about a nice sushi place in Atlanta though, lucky her. I live in Washington State and the only good thing about SEA-TAC are the good beers in some of their bistro places.

  6. 18

    Katie says

    Ginger is regal. I know that term is fit for a King, and she is a Queen, but she is simply stunning! Your airport food kills me. Maybe you can start a company offering fresh healthy options to travelers on the go!

  7. 21

    Annie says

    Your dog is so freaking adorable!

    I’ve been dreaming about getting a dog and that one pic brought me just That Close to getting one at my nearest shelter at that very moment.

    • 25

      Running to the Kitchen says

      it is! spell check never recognizes it, kinda annoying. You should totally get one. They.are.awesome. (and crazy ;))

  8. 30


    I have been a pretty big failure with the greens too. That photo of Ginger is too funny. Crazy dog that sits like a human! I always get excited when I see a new fancy yogurt but I have the new milks always taste a bit off. I would still try this coconut one. Who can say no to coconut yogurt?

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