What I ate Wednesday: the hectic edition

Happy Wednesday! It’s really my Friday though since we head down to Florida tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier for the shortened week. Let’s just say things have been hectic up in here. Especially yesterday, not even worth talking about, just hec to the tic! Let’s do this WIAW thing…    Breakfast: Smoothie in a…

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Pomegranate orange scones

Remember these and how I said it was my proudest moment in the kitchen. Well that lasted about a month and a half because these bad boys now claim that title. After this pancake Sunday recipe, I still had about a cup of arils leftover. You didn’t think I actually went through the hell that…

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Palm Beach half marathon training plan

Hope everyone in the US had a great long holiday weekend. Usually Mondays after a long holiday are even tougher than normal but this one isn’t nearly as bad knowing we’re heading to Florida on Thursday! If you’re catching up from the long weekend, here’s what you might have missed. Things I’m thankful for this…

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Gingerbread pumpkin pancakes

I’m not a huge holiday person. Last year we didn’t have a tree until the day before Christmas Eve when my mom threatened to not come for Christmas Eve dinner if I didn’t put one up. We ended up putting together a 4 foot fake Martha Stewart one from Kmart I’ve had for years as…

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Stuffing frittata bites

At the Thanksgiving table, my dad was telling us about a survey he saw of what people were most looking forward to eating on Thanksgiving. I’ll give you one guess what item stole the show with 30 something percent… Stuffing. Had I taken the survey, I would’ve been one of the people contributing to stuffing’s…

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