Snowy Saturday

Ever look back at the photos you took on your phone over the course of a week? It’s kind of fun to see the random assortment of things you thought were worthwhile of a picture in the past 7 days.


-On Sunday Ulysses made breakfast. I was sick and sat on the couch drinking coffee & blogging while he made these. I might pretend to be sick every weekend.


-I’m pretty sure the mailman hates us. We have a driveway that is steep, long and narrow and Ulysses has an online shopping addiction (not really, it’s mostly work stuff.) I’m pretty sure he cursed us as he threw this on the front steps, not even ringing the doorbell. Who gets that many packages in one day warranting a US postal service box?! I’m also not sure what to do with this box now. It’s been on the front porch for 3 days, he hasn’t come back. Is it mine?


-This stuff works miracles. I’m a firm believer in the magic of coconut water. After long runs, no matter how much I drink during the run, 45 minutes after I’ve stopped without fail, I start to feel half nauseous/half hungover which I’m convinced is dehydration of some sort. Within 10 minutes of drinking this stuff I’m back to normal. Amazing.


-I’m in love with this picture I took yesterday afternoon. This is my view to the right of my desk every afternoon for about 2 hours straight. Intensive squirrel watching with her nose pressed against the window. It’s cute, pensive and sad all at once. I wish I had even an ounce of artistic ability because I would paint this.


-In an attempt to forget about today’s forecast, (8-12 inches of snow) I made Ulysses pick up a bottle of wine for me last night. I won’t be surprised if this is gone by the end of the day.


-I can’t stop eating brownies. The recipe made 12, Ulysses hasn’t eaten any, there are 4 left. I’ll let you do the math.

And I’ll probably spend the entire day baking more goodies because what else do you do when there is a winter storm in October?

What’s a random picture on your phone this week?

What are your favorite things to do in a snow storm when you’re stuck inside?

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  1. 3


    Mmmmm waffles!! I really want a waffle machine but I think it would be trouble… no, I KNOW it would be trouble! Waffles everyday! Although… bikini season is officially over right?! hmmm… :) Cute pic of Ginger Squirrel watching! Haha it’s so funny what amuses dogs sometimes… I watched Snoopy chase a fly for an hour yesterday. Kind of felt bad for the fly… not enough to stop her and ruin her fun though! :)

  2. 4


    Awww, your dog is so sweet. My golden retriever LOVES looking out the windows for the longest time. There aren’t really any squirrels (we live in a newer development) so I don’t know what keeps his attention for so long.

  3. 6

    barbara says

    You are supposed to bring the empty postal boxes back to the post office. Im sure if you leave it on the porch the mailman will take it back after his next visit.
    Its sad to see a dog at the window so long. Im thinking they just want to be outside.
    Im thinking a cup of Chai tea a slice of pumpkin bread after a panini for lunch. Then I’ll find a movie or book and cuddle on the couch during this lovely october snow.

  4. 7


    I often feel nauseous after running. Maybe I should try to find the coconut water. I hope the shops have it here in Germany.
    Snow day???… I go skiiing of course.

  5. 9


    Hi there! Love the blog.

    Random photo of the week: A man walking down the street with two yorkie dogs and a wookie backpack. No joke, a backpack that was a 2 foot wookie stuffed animal with it’s little hands holding the man’s shoulders. Amazing.

    Snowstorm activity: Apparently, not work out, read blogs, and wish I was in Australia.

  6. 10

    Mike says

    I can’t believe this snow already…btw I really like the dog picture too…ours does the same thing for HOURS on end!

  7. 12


    Phone picture dump is my fav. I now have my instagram pics load straight to flickr so I can use them in posts later.

    ps- 8? brownies? yourself? really? I thought I was bad…. LOL :) That explains the 5-sizes-too-big pant comment on instagram.

  8. 13


    This post made me laugh out loud… the post man hating you? Mine is the same way, she doesn’t even come up the driveway, she just dumps the packages halfway up… recipe for disaster I know!

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