Saturday ramblings

-This guy was hanging on the wall of the conference room I was in yesterday for work. The room/building had nothing to do with music so I though it quite odd.

yo yo

Fun fact about Yo-Yo: (who names their kid that, seriously?) Ulysses actually met him back in middle or high school when he played the cello.

-I switched my rest day and speed work day this week so when I got to the hotel, I headed to the gym for 5 miles of intervals. I listen to my iPod while running but these treadmills are the kind with the TV screen in front of you. The only available treadmill when I got there had this image frozen on the screen.


Can you read that? It’s the Spanish channel and the talk show was called “El gordo y la flaca” Translation for those of you who didn’t take Spanish in school, “the fat and the skinny.” 1. What the heck is with Spanish talk shows and their ridiculous names/themes? 2. Anyone else find it ironic that it happened to freeze on“el gordo” while on a treadmill? I’m not going to lie, it took me until mile 2.1 to figure out the screen was frozen. I just kept staring at it thinking, “wow this looks like a boring show.”

-I have a formal dinner reception event to go to the night I get home next week in NYC and I needed to find a cocktail dress for it. Fact: I despise shopping. If I won the lottery tomorrow, a personal shopper would seriously be one of the first splurges I’d make. 6 stores later I ended up with this from Nordstrom.


Meh. That’s how I feel about it. I passed this one up at Macy’s and now I’m second guessing my decision.

macys dress

Neither were cheap and it really annoys me to feel “ehh” about an expensive dress that I know I’m only going to wear once. The only reason I’m thinking about keeping the black one over the blue one is I already have shoes that will work with it. Opinions? *Update: I went back and returned the black one and bought the one from Macy’s. Forgot I had a 20% off coupon too which made it even better :)

-This was the line outside the Apple store in the mall. Note the cops at the front of the store letting people in like they were bouncers.


I’m just as excited for the iPhone 4S as the next person but standing in a line to get into a jam packed store the day it comes out? Come on people, it’s just a damn phone! Chill out and wait a few days. I have a 2+ year old 3GS and it still works fine. I can’t imagine “needing” the new 4S so bad that I wait in a line with policemen at the store the day it’s released.

-I bought this amount of makeup from Clinique,


yet received this amount of free stuff as my “gift.”

free makeup

Someone tell me how that works. I guess that goes to show you how overpriced the makeup is to begin with, huh?

-Doubletree warm chocolate chip cookies make spending your Friday and Saturday nights alone in a hotel room slightly more bearable.


I’d still rather be with these two though.



Tell me something random about your weekend.

Did you get the new iPhone? Are you going to?

Should I go back and get the Macy’s dress instead?

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  1. 2

    Lindsay says

    I probably would have bought them both, haha :) Which explains why most of my “money” can be found in my closet in the form of clothes, shoes and accessories…

  2. 4


    I like both dresses, but I’m like you – not a shopper. I like the idea of shopping, but once I’m in there looking around and trying things on, I just get downright angry.

    I do like clinique though! That’s my fav foundation. It’s like silk.

    • 9

      Running to the Kitchen says

      If I had more time between now and the event, I would probably look into that. But, with only 6 days and the fact that I don’t get home until the day of I’m kind of time crunched this time around!

  3. 11


    I was at the mall today too and saw the same thing! its crazy! I have the iphone 4 so I don’t think I’m going to get the 4s, but I bet its pretty awesome. Apparently you can tell the phone to text someone and what you want the text to say..pretty crazy!

  4. 13


    I love both dresses, actually! I would go for whichever one you feel more comfortable in.
    I’m a Blackberry gal myself, but my sister and parents are all itching to get their hands on the new iPhone! I’ve heard really good things about it, but I’m sure they’ll come out with something even better in a month or two!

  5. 16


    I love that first dress…very cute! I am a LBD kinda girl though :)

    How great is Clinique bonus time?? I am loving the makeup bag!

    I just bought the iPhone 4 a few months ago so no 4S for me. I’ll upgrade eventually but I’m betting with my timing the 6 will be coming out by then LOL

  6. 17


    I like the Macy’s dress. It makes you look crazy tiny! I hate shopping too, that’s why when I need to dress up, I shop in Kat’s closet. Works out nicely. She even picks out the outfit for me.

    Random thing about my weekend, I already managed one nap today by 8am. When you go to bed at 8:30, you’re up and awake by 4am…hence nap time at 7am.

  7. 18


    I like the one shoulder dress. Looks better on you.

    Now, onto El Gordo y la Flaca. Some argue that it’s actually a take on the Laurel and Hardy title. It’s an gossip & entertainment show. It is ratings gold.

    But, the real story is that Raul de Molina (el gordo) is basically a straight and heavy Perez Hilton. Heck! He was Mr. Gossip when Perez Hilton was still in diapers. He continually struggles with weight and so on.

    Lili Estefan, la flaca, (niece of Emilio Estefan) is a pretty well known television personality and model in Latin America. And yep, she has always been that skinny. If I am not mistaken, she is also a dancer.

    Oi! The things I know. :p

    Warning: never ever watch a Spanish telenovela. Even if you can’t understand it, it will become your addiction.

    • 19

      Running to the Kitchen says

      Wow, I had no idea there was that much of a backstory! hahaha. When I studied abroad in Spain in college I got hooked to telenovelas. They are insane and ridiculous but it’s impossible to turn away!

      • 20


        Oh no! You have the addiction! Took me my entire life to get over them. I can’t even go to the channel.

        btw, both de Molina and Estefan are Cuban. Lili Estefan is also a judge in “Mira quien baila” (a Hispanic Dance with the Stars) which my mom’s watches obsessively.

  8. 21


    Conferences sound like a good time – at least you get to go out and drink. I love clothes (although not always actually shopping for them) and would love a cool place to wear a cute cocktail dress to. Or to even have a cute cocktail dress for that matter.

    • 22

      Running to the Kitchen says

      Conferences are the most boring thing in the world. Even the food & drink doesn’t make up for it!


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