Philadelphia half marathon training: week 7

What a weekend! I think we’re currently getting our “payback” for never losing power during Hurricane Irene this summer because we’re still without it this morning. The worst part is that the utility company’s website says “power has been restored to your area” when in fact that is one big LIE! I hate sitting here…

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Cinnamon pear pancakes

*sorry for the delayed post. We lost power last night, froze our way through the night hoping it would come back on this morning without any luck so now we’ve bombarded my parents house for warmth and internet!* The fall pancake spree continues! You can see the previous recipes here: oatmeal pumpkin pancakes pumpkin protein…

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This, with this. Stay warm my friends!


Snowy Saturday

Ever look back at the photos you took on your phone over the course of a week? It’s kind of fun to see the random assortment of things you thought were worthwhile of a picture in the past 7 days. -On Sunday Ulysses made breakfast. I was sick and sat on the couch drinking coffee…

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Citrus pea pesto

5 days ago the sun was out, birds were chirping, Ulysses was mowing the lawn, I was giving Ginger a bath outside and an early Sunday dinner of a fresh, pea pesto sounded delicious. As I’m writing this, this is the weather forecast. Mother Nature can be one sick biatch. Yes, those are snowflakes. Oh,…

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