Sunday fun day

Last chance to enter the Aspaeris compression shorts giveaway, winner gets drawn tonight!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m not really ready for a full work week but there are a few fun things coming up this weekend which will hopefully pass the time quickly.

If you’re catching up from the weekend here’s what you missed.

I gave into fall with a delicious pumpkin banana chocolate chip bread recipe. It’s already completely gone.

My Philly half marathon training plan is complete. Bring on the running!


I love Sunday’s that are a balance of productive + relaxing and that’s exactly what mine was. We started off with some delicious banana pancakes, mine loaded with toppings, Ulysses just plain with syrup. I’m sure there can be some sort of personality correlation drawn with that.

Coffee + blog +reading time ensued and then a massive house cleaning.

Good news…the central vacuum dried out and works! Bad news…our house was pretty disgusting with the water + dirt + dog hair accumulation of the week. Usually, I’ll vacuum 3-4 times a week because of Ginger’s hair but with work travel + the flooding that just didn’t happen this week and the house was gross.

I got into one of those moods where I wanted to deep clean everything and took my aggression out on the kitchen. An hour later I had a scrubbed fridge (inside & out), cleaned sink, wiped down cabinets, clean countertops, appliances and restocked oils, vinegars, salt, pepper and pantry containers! It’s kind of counterintuitive but, a clean kitchen just makes me want to cook. And cook I did after my 4 mile run and a trip to the grocery store.

First *fall* like meal of the year, roast chicken with root vegetables and parmesan + rosemary grits.

IMG_2093 (565x377)IMG_2097 (565x377)

Roast chicken is delicious but, pulling out the giblets is just something that will always disgust me. I need to let enough time pass to forget about how gross that is before I’m willing to tackle a roast chicken prep again. Give me 2 months before my next one…

I roasted this guy with carrots, parsnips, onions and turnips. Inside the chicken itself was just salt, pepper, smashed garlic cloves, a shallot and a handful of lemon thyme. On top of Mr. Bird was more s & p, butter, olive oil and rosemary. The chicken itself came out pretty tasty but, the vegetables steal the show in my opinion. They get awesomely caramelized when you cook them with the chicken on the bottom of the pan and are like eating candy.

It went into the oven with actual daylight, but came out when it was dark. Blah pictures…

IMG_2101 (565x377)IMG_2103 (565x377)

This light thing is going to be an interesting challenge come fall/winter considering I work until sunset. A light box may be in order.

IMG_2106 (565x377)IMG_2108 (565x377)

It was a pretty “white” meal but, still delicious. Smile

Guests happy to oblige for the camera.

IMG_2109 (565x377)

Husband sick of the camera and ready to eat.

IMG_2110 (565x377)

We spent the meal talking about moving in with my parents as a joke of sorts. When my dad arrived, he saw our school tax bill laying on the counter which happens to be half of my parent’s (only 1 county apart) and he got a little “heated”. So we said we’d move in with them and “help” with the taxes as long as they feed us and take care of Ginger. Sounds like a good deal, no? Think of all the money that could be saved (and flooding avoided)!

Ok, not really. I can’t imagine living in a constant state of 4 humans + 4 dogs + 4 different schedules but no mortgage payments or repair issues would be nice. Winking smile

Pumpkin banana chocolate chip bread was polished off for dessert.

use 3

Dad’s reaction before tasting it: “pumpkin + banana?” (insert half disgusted, half perplexed look here)

Dad’s reaction after tasting it: “Hmm, it was pretty good”

Always so skeptical!! I think he was just mad because he couldn’t watch his beloved Jets game while at our house without cable. I’m sure they lost anyway, it’s just what they do.

*Edited to add: Go check out my guest post today over at Life on Food for a delicious Cornbread Panzanella Salad recipe! It’s a great way to use up those last precious summer vegetables.

Would you ever move in with your parents while married if you needed to or avoid it at all costs?

Happy or want to stab yourself in the eye that football season has started? I fall into the latter group. I seriously cannot stand football. The sport, the announcers, the music, the commercials. U-G-H! 

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  1. 2


    I love roasted chicken! I am with you on being grossed out by pulling out the giblets, but it is totally worth it. I was actually going to roast one this weekend but it was so hot that I decided to wait until this weekend instead (should be cooler by then hopefully).

    I wouldn’t WANT to live with my parents or Jason’s parents, but we would if we had to — hopefully we are never in that situation!

  2. 3


    I love football season. I have so much time to myself :).

    I vacuum everyday. I was freaking out when I couldn’t during the power outage. I actually broke down twice and plugged it into the generator. Mike thinks I’m insane.

    I’d move in with my parents for like a week if we had construction or something going on at the house, but only MY parents. Anything longer than a week, though? Heck no.

  3. 4


    I wamt some of that bread right now!! It sounds and look so amazing!! Your husband is just like my boyfriend with that face haha. They just want to be able to eat their food without having to wait for photo-taking! I don’t know if I could move in with my parents after marriage…I love them and everything but once I’m out, I think I’m out for good! It depends on the circumstances though. Who knows! I’m with you on the stab yourself in the eye because of football deal. Counting down the days til it’s overrrrr.

  4. 8


    I’m with you. I hate football. Oddly enough, I work at the Yale home games. Really, more for the cash than anything else. A roasted chicken is one of my favorite dinners ever! I want to try it with the veggies in the bottom of the pan next time.

  5. 10


    We considered moving in with my parents for a bit, but after a lot of discussion decided that we could never do it long-term. Maybe for a week or a month or something if we were in transition from somewhere else – and then only because my parents have a cabin and travel a lot, so hopefully we wouldn’t all be in the house at the same time. Love ‘em lots, but it would drive us bonkers. Living with his parents will never even be mentioned or thought of. Like in a million years….

  6. 11


    I’m not sure I could move in with my parents once I was married, even if I needed to. I mean, I’m sure I would if I had to, but I’d prefer not to.
    After I finished my degrees and started practicing law, I lived with my folks about 6 months. It was 6 months too long! I almost went crazy! haha. It’s only because my dad, who was newly retired, had nothing to do and is a very hard worker. He was bored out of his mind! :)
    Maybe now, that he got some part-time work to help with the boredom, he won’t be as nosey?

    Oh and football season = happiest time of the year for me. Loveeeeee!!!

  7. 15


    Wow– that is an impressive dish!!! Go you!!

    I would totally move in with my parents, haha. I’d rather off myself than move in with my husband’s parents though. Sad, but true. I enjoy spending time with them…but I think to live with them would be the death of me (and my marriage).

  8. 16


    I could never imagine moving in with parents at this point in my life. I think it would be bad for everyone (their marriage and our marriage). Who wants to be “on” all the time. I even have a recurring nightmare that we both lost our jobs and had to move in with one of our sets because we couldn’t pay the mortgage. I always wake up in a cold sweat. No joke!

  9. 19


    YUM!!! I want everything in this post!!

    I would totally move into my Mom’s house while married – in fact, that’s STILL my dream to make it happen someday! Haha

    And haha – I love football – something about it just screams “Fall” to me!

  10. 24

    Amy says

    My husband lost his job 3 years ago and my family of 4 had to move in with my mom. She even bought a larger house to accommodate all of us. My mom will be retiring in 6 years, she has scoliosis and depends on us for more and more. My oldest will be moving out for college in 6 months, and we have decided to continue living with my mom. We are all going to purchase a different house, with a bit of land, so that we can have gardens and chickens. It has been good living together. It was a bit rough at first, but now that everyone knows where they fit, things roll along just fine. It’s nice to know that there is always someone who loves you around when you need them. :)


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