Friday five

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you but this week has dragged. The good news though is that I’m headed out of town for Shanna’s wedding weekend today!

Since it’s Friday and that usually means *fun,* I thought I’d steal the FIVE survey that’s been floating around. I think I first saw it over at Cait’s blog but I know it’s been popping up in a few other places as well.


Last 5 people I talked to on the phone:

  • my mom
  • Ulysses
  • My mother-in-law (it was her b-day yesterday. Happy Birthday Vickie!)
  • the town highway department <—fix the damn road by my driveway puh-lease!
  • my dad

Last 5 meals that I ate:

*disclaimer: these are pretty random since I was trying to clean the fridge out for our 3 days out of town

  • mushroom, shallot, spinach, feta frittata
  • leftover chicken apple chili <—really good Rachael Ray mag recipe I’ve been using for years.
  • strawberry dough boy smoothie
  • turkey sandwich
  • swiss chard + apple + yogurt (very random lunch)

use 4

Last 5 places I’ve traveled:



Next 5 places I’ll go:

  • Southern PA for the wedding this weekend!
  • San Francisco for work
  • Minneapolis for work
  • Texas for work
  • Florida?? <—we usually go down sometime between Thanksgiving & Christmas although this isn’t planned yet.

Last 5 workouts:

  • 4.25 miles on my treadmill- which decided it wasn’t dead from the flooding after all!!! (yesterday)
  • 8.5 mile bike ride which was half the planned distance due to rain (wednesday)
  • NROLFW 3A & stretching (tuesday)
  • 7 mile run (monday)
  • 3 mile run (sunday)

5 things making me happy right now:

use 3

  • my steal of a dress for the rehearsal tomorrow


(pay no attention to the mismatched belt + shoes)

  • my treadmill working!
  • a clean shower <—scrubbed by moi yesterday
  • you guys! <– These past 2 weeks have been the highest traffic weeks yet for the little ole blog. Thanks for stopping by this joint, you guys make it fun. Smile

There won’t be any of this or these this weekend but I’m sure there will be plenty of fun! I’ll try to pop in with some pictures of the festivities throughout the weekend.


Pick one (or more!) of the 5 and have at it!

What are your plans this weekend?

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  1. 7


    Ok I like the dress you picked out — where is it from?

    Let me know when you’re coming to Minneapolis — if you have time we could meet up!

    Plans for the weekend: work all day + part time job tonight, nothing tomorrow, 10 mile + family bday party on Sunday.

    • 11

      Running to the Kitchen says

      In a few months, in the middle of the winter when I’m pasty and washed out you may not think the same thing but, thanks! :)

  2. 13


    Just stumbled upon your blog looking for a pumpkin brownie recipe. I may have to steal this Friday Five thing for next Friday! Have a great weekend. :)


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