Friday facts

1. Running in the rain is actually kind of fun.



A wet, solid tempo run.

2. Transformers 3 was not even worth the ticket at the $3 movie theater. Did anyone else find Carly’s (the Megan Fox replacement) lips super distracting? $6 for both of us would’ve been better spent (and way more enjoyed) on 1.5 pumpkin spice lattes.

3. Seeing the terms some people search for seriously makes me laugh (or wonder about the person behind the computer).

  • bruschetta how to pronounce giada
  • hairy foot
  • nectarine leg spread <—sex position search gone astray?
  • eat mango pit
  • why do they paint the sheep in Ireland
  • little dog with little crab
  • goosebumps when running on the treadmill <– I’m no doctor, but maybe you’re just cold?

4. I ignored all the horrible reviews on this book and downloaded it anyway since it was the Free Friday pick on the Nook this week.

gap creek

Oprah never lets me down.

5. I will never again order egg drop soup from this place.


I’m baffled at how a soup could possibly even congeal like that. Yum.

6. This is our weekend forecast.


You can find me in the kitchen.


Tell me one of your Friday facts.

What’s your favorite takeout Chinese food item?

Best search term of the week? (if you have a blog)

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  1. 1

    I’m sorry, but that soup made me want to vomit in my mouth haha. Gross!

  2. 3

    Haha, I like running in the rain too…but only in the summer when it’s a$$ hot!!

  3. 5

    Running in the rain is fun! :) Unless its raining so hard you cant see..
    Eww. That “soup” looks gross! :P

  4. 6

    Oh man, that soup… lol My favorite Chinese takeout item is egg rolls. I love them! Sometimes I’ll take the filling out and just eat the shell, haha. Also a fan of fried rice and crab rangoons. And duck sauce! :D

  5. 7

    That soup makes me want to gag! Ick!

    And I love running in the rain. It is so refreshing and fun somehow. Have a great weekend in the kitchen.

  6. 8

    I love running in the rain. Jealous of your weekend forecast. It’s still over 100 in Phoenix and definitely not rainy :(

  7. 9

    I have the paperback book Gap Creek, you could have borrowed it! That soup is gross!
    If I wasn’t tired I’d be baking something appley today!

  8. 10

    How gross does that soup look?

    My parents own a chinese restaurant and the reason the soup is so concealed (lack of better word lol) is cause they use a gelatin cornstarch and I think they added too much in yours. Since I don’t live at home I make my own:

    Boil chicken or vegetable stock with any kind of vegetables you like. In a seperate dish miff cornstarch and semi hot water until the cornstarch dissolves. In another seperate bowl qian the eggs. Once the stock starts to boil, low the heat to low and slowly add the cornstarch until the point where you feel it is thick enough. Then add the egg mixture slowly drizzling it all over the stock and take a spoon and slowly fold the eggs and stir gently untill cooked through. Adding green onions in the end will do wonders.

    • 11
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      I was hoping it was just a slip of the cornstarch and not some other gross ingredient I didn’t want to know about! Thank you for the recipe!!! I will definitely try this out at home so I can regulate the congealed-ness factor ;)

  9. 12

    That picture of soup is seriously stomach turning!

    I love running in the rain when it’s warm out. It’s a billion times better than running in crazy humidity.

    I love the search terms!

  10. 13

    Megan Fox’s replacement drove me crazy! Seriously, I thought no one could be a worse actress than MF, but they succeeded in downgrading.

    That soup looks disgusting! Yucky!

    How did the Garmin do in the rain? I keep hearing it’s totally rain-proof, but I’m still nervous about it.

    • 14
      Running to the Kitchen says:

      Seriously they must’ve searched high and low to be able to find someone actually worse than Megan Fox! I’ve worn the Garmin a few times in the rain and haven’t had any problems. I try to wipe it off every now and then so it’s not soaking and it seems fine.

  11. 15

    Running in the rain is one of my very favorite. dang it I miss running


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