Baby Z

August 2010:



IMG_2219 (565x377)

They waste no time. Winking smile

If you haven’t already guessed, yesterday was the baby shower for one of my best friends, Melissa (and her hubby, Mike of course!).

Melissa’s mom threw the shower at their house. It was the perfect afternoon although, a little chilly!

IMG_2220 (565x377)

Bridesmaids from last year. Smile 

IMG_2211 (565x377)

IMG_2206 (565x377)

An excited Grandma-to-be.

IMG_2212 (565x377)

An excited mom, but not Grandma-to be. Sorry. Winking smile

IMG_2207 (565x377)

Homemade tri-color cookies. Hands down, best cookie in the world. I need to recreate these!

IMG_2209 (565x377)

Baby Z is nameless for the time being. Only 4 more weeks to decide guys!

IMG_2226 (565x377)

IMG_2216 (565x377)

Belly twins. Melissa’s maid of honor, Katie.

IMG_2225 (565x377)

The girls.

IMG_2224 (565x377)

So excited for Melissa & Mike. They are going to make such great parents. Smile

Can’t wait to meet the little guy!

Babies-R-Us: completely overwhelming or amazing? I’m in the former group. I almost had a panic attack in the store. The amount of STUFF babies need is insane in the membrane.

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    Definitely overwhelming. I always buy books or make art as baby shower gifts because I can’t go in that store (or stores like it) without a similar panic/anxiety attack. Here I am trying to get rid of just our stuff, and thinking of the amount of things a baby “needs” makes me want to break out in hives.

    On the other hand, I like kids, and babies are cute and fun, but I am running out of time to decide if I want one or not!

    • 7

      Running to the Kitchen says

      Story of my life. I thought I’d have reached some epiphany about having kids by this age but, still haven’t. Running out of time too…

  2. 8


    Katie has awesome hair!
    I preferred registering and baby shopping at Target to Babies R Us. Running around a store shooting ISBN #s is so much fun! Maybe I’ll do it when I turn 40 someday.


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