Sunday to-do’s + garbage bread

If you’re catching up from the weekend, you may want to check these out.

Yesterday was one of those days where you do a ton of random things to seriously attack the to-do list things that have been hanging around on there forever. It was also one of those days that I wish I was not a homeowner and had a landlord to deal with all the house + landscaping stuff.

Our trees and bushes have apparently been sneaking some serious steroids recently because they are out of control. I was like a mad woman with the clippers for a good hour attacking this red maple,



and this Japanese lace maple.



Our house was built & landscaped and then sat around for 2+ years before the builder was able to sell it (to us) so we had no say in the landscaping around the house and inherited what he did. Unfortunately, he put this tree which is incredibly beautiful and expensive (at this size it’s worth over $1,000) literally right up against the house. So, every year I have to butcher it back otherwise it is going to completely take over the bed and cover the dining room window. It’s a shame because we have 2 acres of land he could’ve put it on and yet he chose 1 foot from the house!

The aftermath:


Then it was on to painting the deck railings.

From this (it looked a lot worse in person),


to this.


Another builder pet peeve is that he put Trex floorboards, which are awesome because they never have to be stained or painted, but wooden railings and spindles! We’ve had to paint the railings every year since we moved in because the deck hardly gets any direct sun and tends to get “mildewy” due to the lack of sunlight.

After a pedicure and waiting for the polish to dry, I hit the neighborhood for an awesome 3 mile run. The first mile of this route is incredibly hilly from the get-go. I finally wore my Garmin (which I don’t tend to do with neighborhood runs because I know the distances) because I was curious to see how much my pace suffers from the hills in the first mile.


  • Mile 1: 9:41
  • Mile 2: 8:41
  • Mile 3: 8:07

How’s that for some awesome negative splits? Here’s what the elevation looked like:


Mile 1= killer! Hills are one of those things I curse silently every second while running them but feel friggin’ awesome after getting to the top.

The best part of the day though was a dinner inspired by Courtney. Garbage bread.


Ulysses was the dough roller, a job he took quite seriously.


I kind of winged it with my own version/fillings using marinara sauce,


a spinach, feta and farmers cheese mixture,


and sautéed onions, garlic and peppers.


All wrapped up it looked like a giant burrito.


30 minutes later, served with some steamed broccoli, a glass of wine and the 5th to last episode of Lost.


Yes, I put an ice cube in my red wine. I’m classy like that.

With only 4 episodes left, I’m starting to think there are going to be A LOT of unanswered questions at the end of this show. I am looking forward though to watching something that doesn’t cause me to curse like a sailor at the end of every episode and want to throw things at the TV screen. I don’t do well with unresolved issues.

What did you do on Sunday, hopefully something more entertaining than me?

Have you ever tried garbage bread?

What house/outdoor chore do you hate the most?

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  1. 3


    garbage bread looks awesome!

    Your weekend was like mine. I painted trim and molding in the house and spent a good couple hours weeding. We had a bunch of plants around our house that the previous owner’s mother, so nicely planted, but I hated. When we had our patio put in, I convinced the landscapers to dig all of it up and junk it…I’m ruthless.

  2. 4


    My Sundays are a lot like yours was. Being a home owner means giving up your Sundays, I think. It’s worth it, but it’s rough!

    I haven’t tried garbage bread, but it seems a lot like stromboli. Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime.

  3. 8


    Ice in the wine….sacrilege !!! But if it’s the way you like it, then, what can I say…

    Reading your gardening story I laughed since it could have been me! We rent our house and the landscaping is not taken care of by the landlord… and my husband works long days so I often find myself in a battle with the trees, edges and bushes !! They always lose!

    • 9

      Running to the Kitchen says

      I know, I know, it IS sacrilege! I don’t do it all the time, I promise. It was just that this bottle was sitting in the sun in the kitchen all day and was honestly almost boiling. I know red wine should be room temperature but that was a little much!

  4. 13


    I saw Courtney’s post on the GB and totally want to try that. I love the various options for fillings.
    Wonder if dessert garbage bread would work? I’m thinking either a peanut butter cup or s’mores in a butter pastry crust. Hmm…

  5. 20


    Sundays are like this at our house too – projects, playing with the kids, cooking, etc. I think they need to be this way, there is no other day of the week to just catch up on stuff.

    Love the garbage bread!

  6. 21


    1.) On Sunday I went to brunch with Mike’s parents, read blogs, went to the grocery store and grilled my first pizza.

    2.) Never tried garbage bread but I am intrigued!

    3.) I hate any chores that require me to potentially be too close to bees (weeding, planting, sweeping our patio, etc.) Bees/wasps are my biggest fear and I am not even allergic!

  7. 23


    I love my wine chilled so I don’t blame you one bit for throwing an ice cube in it ;)

    I have a love/hate relationship with yard work. It’s so hard, especially right now in this excessive heat (I live in the south, and it’s HOT!). After everything is done though it makes me feel so accomplished and proud! If we didn’t prune our shrubs we would have a jungle! Great job on yours. They look great!


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