Soaking it all up

Today is my last day at the beach before what’s sure to be an exciting weekend (details to come on that later!) so, I’m going to try and soak it up as much as possible because this is likely the last time I see sand + water + sun before the lovely 5 month hibernation period we like to call winter in NY. Ugh.

I’ll be finishing this.


Probably by lunch time. Which will mean I’ll have read the book in 24 hours and only because I forced myself to stop so I’d have something to read today. Otherwise, I probably would’ve read until 2am finishing it. I know I’m late to the game on this one but, if you haven’t read Hunger Games, what are you waiting for!? Seriously, one of the best page turners I’ve read in a long time. The Help was the last book I felt that way about (which funny enough, my mom is reading right now) and I seriously think this book gives that one a run for it’s money. Nothing alike but, similar in how wrapped up and captivated you are in the story.

This goes without saying.


Although, maybe under some shade today. I’m kind of sunned out.

Meals might solely consist of these.

IMG_1800 (565x377)IMG_1781 (565x368)

Because there’s no way I’m throwing out any food!

And definitely one last bike ride.

IMG_1816 (565x377)

The scenery here just doesn’t really compare to the bike trail at home. So, even though every bike ride has left me facing some brutal head on wind coming back (why are beaches so windy??) I’ll be making sure I get one more ride in. Although, with speed intervals on the running plan for the day the bike ride may be more of the leisurely variety. And yes, I’ve stuck to my 10K training plan while on vacation. 6 miles in 88 degrees + full sun was definitely not easy though. This guy following me on the bike with Gatorade however, helped.

IMG_1819 (565x377)

A lot. 1. For the obvious reason of the Gatorade. 2. Because I was way less likely to quit with my dad watching me. Want to be my personal water boy dad? I’ve got 7 miles planned for next Monday.

Today also happens to be a big day for these two.

IMG_1826 (565x377)

Their 32 year anniversary.

What better way to spend it than with their first born? Winking smile

IMG_1824 (565x377)dad and i

Being less than a month away from my own 5 year anniversary, 32 years feels like a pretty long and short time all at once. It’s hard to imagine my 32nd anniversary (if we make it that far….kidding!) but at the same time, 5 years has flown by in the blink of an eye. Happy #32 mom & dad, here’s to many more! And, thanks for the good excuse for a dinner out tonight! Smile

Stay tuned for this weekend’s shenanigans starting tomorrow. Hint: it involves a 7 hour car ride from NC and this lovely lady.

What is the farthest (furthest? <—I never know which one is the correct usage, someone help me out?) you’ve ever driven in a car? I’ve done the drive from NY to FL and vice versa 3 times, straight, no stopping to sleep. I think it was 23 hours total. Never again! 

Have you read the Hunger Games series? Is the next book as good as this one?

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  1. 2


    Sooo glad you are loving Hunger Games!! You will have to pick up Girl on Fire. Trust me – the twists and turns to come are REMARKABLE! :) :) :)

    Enjoy the last day of vaca! I am NOT looking forward to the coming hibernation either!

  2. 3


    Okay it’s official – I can’t read your posts anymore! At least not until you’re back from vacation – they’re making me too jealous! Haha.

    My sister and I drove from CT to TX once and I think that’s the furthest I’ve gone.

    I haven’t read Hunger Games yet but I can’t wait to! It’s next on my list :)

  3. 5


    Happy anniversary to your parents!

    It’s great to have a water sherpa! I don’t know why I didn’t realize this earlier.

    I haven’t read Hunger Games, I feel like I’m so behind. I’m just now reading the Steig Larrson series.

    I used to drive from CT to MI for school a couple times a year.

  4. 6


    Congrats to your parents! 32 years is amazing. But I know what you mean about time flying — I can’t believe Jason and I have been together for almost 5 years (married for almost 4 years).

    I loved the Hunger Games!!! I finished the 3 books pretty quickly too — I couldn’t put them down!

  5. 7


    Congrats to your parents … 32 years is amazing!. I’ve been married for four years, 32 years as you said yourself is a long time compared to the short years we have been married for. Is there hope of that long term commitment for our generation I wonder? I’d like to think so :).

    Enjoying your blogs, thank you!

  6. 10


    Girl, you will be just as sucked into the next 2 books as the first one…enjoy!! ;)

    Happy anniversary to your parents! 32 years is crazy this day and age :) When is your anniversary? Our 5 years is on September 9th!

    Enjoy the last day of vacation…it is always sad when they are over :(

  7. 12


    My parents celebrated the big 32 on August 11th. It is a crazy long time. Is it sad that I am so impressed by this? I am reading The Help now. I love it! Is there really another book out there as great?

  8. 13


    The longest I’ve driven is 6 hours in a row and that was totally enough. I don’t know how truckers to do it routinely. Yuck!

    I can’t wait to read the Hunger Games. Next up for me is The Help, and then HG. So excited to read what everyone’s talking about!

  9. 14


    I LOVED the Hunger Games! I read all three of them within about a four day period… I didn’t really talk to anyone during this time haha. I enjoyed the other two as well, but the first was my favorite
    Your pictures are so beautiful too :)

  10. 17


    Ahh happy anniversary to your mum and dad! :) I have just started the hunger games, read the first book in about 3 hours!!! I could not put it down!! I didn’t even break for lunch and that is not like me! ;) Have to wait to order the next one from amazon, boooo! Glad you have enjoyed your vacation luv! :)

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