Scenes from Seattle

I’m currently in the middle of a 36 hour trip to Seattle meaning, from the time I took off yesterday morning until the time I land again at JFK tonight, it will have been exactly 36 hours. 12 of those hours my butt will have been glued to the window seat in an airplane. So, when I got to the hotel yesterday around 2pm west coast time, I decided to head out for a run to get those legs moving a little! Two quick fails of a dead Garmin and forgetting to take my inhaler before heading out made it more of a walk than run but all in all, I covered 7+ miles of downtown Seattle and the waterfront area. This is the first time I’ve been here (out of 5 trips) that it’s been 1. summer and 2. sunny. 75 degrees and barely a cloud in the sky. It was gorgeous.

Let’s take a tour with the iPhone…


A bike path that puts mine to shame.




Parasailing with Mount Rainier in the background. Not a bad view.



Random rock sculptures.






A shout out to a certain fisherwoman. The guy here really wanted me to ship home a salmon. I kind of wanted to do it just to see Ulysses’ face when Fed Ex came with a whole salmon on ice. That would’ve been amusing.







There was a girl in this pastry shop taking a picture with her crazy ass “I’m a legit photographer” lens of 1 single macaroon so intensely I thought her eyeballs might pop out of her head. I wanted to stop and ask her if she was a food blogger because there’s really no other explanation for how serious she was about photographing the macaroon but, I was scared she might yell at me for interrupting her focus or something.


The original…

Do you see that line? I wanted to tell them all that the Starbucks one block away would taste exactly the same.


Best tofu I’ve ever had. Fitting that it was in Seattle.


Read that label. Yes, pancakes + bacon in cupcake form. This has Jessica’s name written all over it.


I found this place on my walk back to the hotel and since it was 20 minutes before they were to close, all the cupcakes were 40% off. I had a hot fudge, marshmallow sundae on Tuesday night so I wasn’t really looking for dessert yesterday but, when you stumble upon 40% off cupcakes you just don’t deny such fate.  I went with lavender vanilla.


I wanted to like it, really I did, but honestly, it wasn’t that good. Sad smile Should’ve went with the bacon. Oh well, at least it was only $1.80.

Have you ever been to Seattle?

What’s your favorite U.S. city you’ve been to? Mine is hands down San Francisco.

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  1. 2


    That looks like a glorious place to run!

    My garmin died yesterday as soon as I got to the track for speed work. Lots of people say it’s liberating to go without, but I just thought it was obnoxious.

    You take the window seat? I always go for the aisle!

    • 3

      Running to the Kitchen says

      window all the way. I can’t sleep unless my head is against something so that’s the main reason. Plus I’m like a kid and like to look out the window :)

  2. 6


    oh the market…. I wish we had one just as big nearby ! and with fresh fish too!
    I’ve never been to Seattle and we still have a lot of the USA to discover. We only moved here 18 months ago… probably the best city we visited is Washington DC followed very closely by New York. But when you see a city with tourist eyes, it always look better than when you actually live in the said city!

  3. 7


    I’ve never been to Seattle, which is crazy because for some reason I’ve always wanted to live there! No idea why.

    Favorite US City – I really like Duluth (northern MN). I went to college there and what I like is that it is on Lake Superior, has a small town feel but has plenty of “big city” places too.

  4. 8


    Ahh it looks amazing!! And I have never been to san fran but I have such a bee in my bonnet about the place that I could seriously just up and move there no questions asked! Obviously this is disregarding the whole pesky visa problem! :/

  5. 12


    Oh…I love Seattle — love the fish market & how fresh the air seems there! Our good friends live there – He plays for the Sounders (soccer)
    I still have to say my most favorite city is Houston – we love living there and will eventually end up there after ll this expating business! :-) Enjoy Seattle! xoxo from Trinidad

    • 14

      Running to the Kitchen says

      Ohh love Charleston! I feel like I need 2 categories to answer my question now. 1 big city and 1 smaller scale city. Charleston might win the smaller one.


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