Like everyone else on the east coast, I’m about to talk about Hurricane Irene. If you’re sick of reading about her perhaps you’d enjoy these instead..


Oh Irene, you little biatch.

Next time I have illusions of sitting inside reading and enjoying a rainy Sunday during a hurricane someone please tell me how stupid that sounds. At least then I’ll be prepared when after a lovely pancake breakfast I decide to check on the basement “just to make sure the water isn’t coming in” and find this.

IMG_1978 (565x377)

See it coming in through the door? That’s because outside of the door it looked like this.

IMG_1985 (565x377)

And that was after the pump had been pumping for about an hour.

Before yesterday, I thought a walk out basement was a lovely amenity and great future selling point. Now, I’d like to punch the builder for deciding to include it and grading the backyard so that when it rains the water runs right down the yard, past the top of these steps and subsequently down them causing a pool of water, mulch, grass, worms, slugs and other crap outside the door.

IMG_1981 (565x377)

IMG_1984 (565x377)


I guess the bright side in all this is that we happened to have a sump pump on hand, just not the hose. Ulysses ran out to Home Depot once we realized that was the only way we were going to get the water out and bought a hose.

Then the pumping began.

IMG_1980 (565x377)

Meanwhile, the neighbors were having a grand time literally using the water run-off as a natural slip and slide.

IMG_1982 (565x377)

Ginger also enjoyed the water park that was our yard.

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know my home gym is in our basement. So despite the fact that our boiler, air handler, hot water heater, and every other important household appliance is in the basement, I was more concerned with my treadmill, workout bench and mat floors being ruined.

IMG_1977 (565x377)

This is now the scene in my kitchen.

It took a couple of hours but eventually the pump got all the pooled up water out and we were able to start draining the water out of the basement with some help.

IMG_1989 (565x377)

Nothing like spending 2 hours “sweeping” water out of your basement!

Also luckily, is the fact that our friends nearby had a shop vac which we ended up using to get the last bit of water out once the broom method was exhausted.

The basement is now water free and cleaned up we’re just waiting for everything to dry out a bit before laying the mat floor back down and testing out the treadmill. At it’s highest, the water was between 4-5 inches so it’s definitely possible it messed up the treadmill but I’m praying it didn’t.

Good thing I skipped my workout on Saturday thinking I’ll just run on the treadmill and lift since I’ll have nothing else to do on Sunday.

Yeah, right. Nothing else except deal with a flooded basement for 6 hours.

At least the sweeping counts as some sort of exercise, right?

How did all you east coasters make out in this mess?

If you weren’t surviving a hurricane this weekend, tell me what you did!

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  1. 3


    Ugh I’m so sorry your basement flooded! My mom was in that same boat. That’s the one advantage to living on the 8th floor in a high rise I guess!

    Hope everything cleans up quickly!

  2. 9

    Kristen P. says

    Oh no!! I am so, so sorry. I can’t even imagine. I hope your house dries out soon and that you have somewhere to stay if you need to leave. One the bright side, you def. got in an amazing work out yesterday! :)

  3. 11


    Egads! I’m so sorry to hear about this, but at least you were able to get it figured out. I hope getting the water out quickly and a dehumidifier will solve the problems left! We here in MN were thinking about all of you and wishing you well. I spent the weekend trying out some new recipes and getting geared up to start the C25K (you inspired me)…. fun times!

    I’ll try to send the nice weather eastward for you!

  4. 14


    Oh man, that so sucks! What a bummer to have to deal with that over the weekend! And to have it ruin your home gym? I don’t know what I would do if my gym was filled with water. You might find me crying in a corner. I hope the treadmill isn’t a gonner. Fingers crossed.


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