1. I was supposed to go for a 3 mile hill run per my training plan when I got home yesterday. Instead, I spent time relaxing and catching up with Ulysses and Ginger.

2. I planned on getting a pedicure after said run since the beach ruined mine and I’ll be traveling again this week. Unpainted toes in the summer = huge no-no in my book. Instead, I took all the nail polish off and cleaned them up myself and am now contemplating wearing all closed toed shoes for the duration of my trip to hide my feet.

3. I intended on eating a big salad for lunch after a day full of carbs, carbs and more carbs during the bachelorette festivities. Instead, ravenous at 3pm, we ordered chicken and eggplant parmesan subs from the local pizzeria and consumed not a single green thing.

4. I wanted to completely unpack my suitcase after a week away and organize myself for at least 24 hours before I have to leave again for work this week. Instead, my toiletries are put away but the rest of my bags are exploding all over my bedroom floor.

5. I had dreams of making spaghetti and meatballs with parmesan crisps for dinner. Instead, Ulysses ate a salad and I made a smoothie.

6. I wanted to catch up on all the posts I missed reading over the weekend and not feel “behind” come Monday. Instead, we ended up watching an episode of 24 on Netflix before calling it a night at 9pm.

I guess vacation lasted an extra day.

Here’s to a Monday filled with a 7 mile run, unpacking, and some vegetables.

I did make it to the grocery store at least. I do have some priorities in order.

What are your weekend confessions?

Does anyone else feel self-conscious of unpainted toes in the summer?

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  1. 3

    Ebeth says

    Hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one who did nothing yesterday…our days sounds very much alike. As a result my to do list is extra long today!!

  2. 4


    I def think you can tag yesterday onto the rest of your holiday! ;) A day to recover from the holiday, it’s pretty standard in my book! :) My weekend confession, I slacked off on my (read, didn’t do any at all!) work outs, just because I know I can have a full week of muay thai this week :)

  3. 5


    Yes! My toes are not looking too pretty after being at the shore all weekend. I’m in desperate need of a new pedicure asap!
    My weekend confession? Black and white cookies are the best medicine for a Summer cold ;)

  4. 8


    I love it! This makes you human! nobody can be 100% balanced and healthy all the time – if you were craving more carbs, do it up I say! On the toes front? I get sooo self conscious of my feet when my pedicure is all chipped and my feet calloused from running. I mean, those are good battle scars but still -not pretty in open toed shoes!! Plus, I just love love love how a pedi feels on tired, sore feet! sooooo worth the investment. :)

  5. 11


    I’m with you, girl! You’re not alone re: nail polish. It’s been killing me that I chipped a bunch of my nails spraining my ankle a couple weeks ago. Is it sad that I was almost as annoyed by that fact as I was that I couldn’t get to the gym (grrr!)? I finally opted for removing and reapplying the polish myself, since chipping out dough for a pedicure where they couldn’t even really touch one foot without me wincing seemed like a bad idea. But it’s almost as bad as no polish at all…. (oh the problems we ladies face, right?).

  6. 12


    Don’t worry girl– I just moved back to Orlando for school and my toiletries are ALL over the living room floor… :(
    (And considering the fact that I’m writing you this comment right now, it doesn’t look like I’m doing anything about it ;) )

  7. 17


    You pretty much captured all of my confessions after being in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party Thursday night – Sunday late-afternoon…and I leave tomorrow for a work trip to San Antonio. My trick? Unpack your clothes and leave your toiletries in the TSA approved Ziploc baggie. :)

    Safe travels!

    • 18

      Running to the Kitchen says

      Ugh, I feel ya on the 1 day at home and leaving again thing! I should’ve left the toiletries packed, you’re right!


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