Back in the saddle

This is the incredibly sweaty but, happy face of someone that got to run again today!

pic 2

I spy a weimaraner doing yoga.

There’s nothing like some forced time off to make you crave a workout. My back felt about 85% better yesterday morning and with about 20 minutes of stretching beforehand I decided to give the treadmill a go. Only a couple of slow miles with a .25 mile walking break between each and a warm up and cool down but, man did it feel good to sweat again.

pic 1

It’s one thing to not workout for a few days but, this injury was so crippling that I couldn’t even walk for most of the week. I literally spent 80% of the time I was awake laying on the couch with an ice pack so I was itching to move again. Surprisingly, as the time wore on, my back actually started to loosen up even more and I felt great at the end of the workout. Not that I want to be hurt again but, injuries definitely bring a bit of perspective to how lucky we are to be healthy.

After that great start to the day, the rest of it was spent prepping for dinner with the family.




Ulysses’ parents. We haven’t seen his mom since December when I ran the half marathon in Palm Beach. She’s up for a week visit so hopefully we get to see her some more this week.



Grill master. I invite him over and then make him man the grill. Seems fair, no?


And of course, the dogs. Ginger, Dutchess and Mack. Mack is licking Dutchess’ butt here, he’s classy like that.



Since we don’t have cable and my dad doesn’t know what the heck to do with himself without TV, the night ended with some Wii action.

I leave you with Angelo, the professional boxer.




He was sweating when I kissed him goodbye.

What’s your favorite game on Wii? I’m addicted to Mario Kart. I beat the entire game about a week after we got it so now I’m forced to play all the other losers on the internet. I swear some of them have cheat codes or something!

Cookie recipe coming tomorrow!

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  1. 2


    I have not played the Wii enough – it’s not good. I really need to get one.

    I’m SO jealous you were able to run again…I’m just waiting for that day for me!!

    This whole post made me smile – what a fun time. I’m craving some family time myself!

  2. 3

    barbara says

    I find walking tightens my back but easy soft jogging loosens it up ,and of course the pre and post stretching helps,. Dinner was great, especially since I wasn’t cooking/preparing> Thanks G

  3. 4


    Moz and tomatoes looks delicious! Congrats on being back up and running!! Im jealous although I suppose the only person stopping me is me. My fav wii game is the old school sonic! I downloaded it and can’t stop playing!

  4. 8


    That food looks yummy! I’m officially hungry now.

    Glad you got to run again. I’m finding it difficult to get back in the swing of working out since I’ve had a few trips recently. I get out of the rhythm and struggle to find it again.

    My favorite Wii game is The old Super Mario World that I downloaded. I beat it in a week. I was obsessed. I too love me some Mario Kart though. For some reason we go through Wii spells. We will go weeks without playing it and then boom we’re hooked for a couple of weeks!

  5. 9


    Yayy! Congrats on being able to run again! :) Looks like a fun family day as well! Love those pics of Angelo all caught up in the moment! ;D Can you believe I have NEVER played on a wii?! I feel seriously deprived!

  6. 14


    I love how you manage to take a pose after a sweaty exercise! Still gorgeous even sweaty! :) I also love all the grilled foods, it looks really delicious, Anyway I don’t get a chance to play with my kid’s wii but seeing your father enjoyed wii very much. I guess I’m missing a lot here. Thanks for this great post!


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