Shanna’s bridal shower

Yesterday, my mom and I drove to central Pennsylvania and back for the bridal shower of one of my best friends, Shanna. It was a surprise. That’s not her baby. You may remember the bridesmaid dress from a a couple of months ago. The shower was held at Benigna’s Creek winery near Shanna’s hometown. It…

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Cherry almond vanilla smoothie

Confession: The only Ben & Jerry’s flavor I’ve ever tasted is Cherry Garcia. Fact: This smoothie tastes just like it. If you’re anything like me you have 5lbs. of cherries sitting in your fridge, you’ve been too busy at lunch time to think of putting together much more than a smoothie and yet you want…

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The timed mile, 11 years later

Kari at Running Ricig is doing a “Proof you didn’t peak in high school” virtual timed mile this month so yesterday I ran a timed mile for the first time since high school. The funny part is, I actually ran it on my high school track. I was in the area for my chiropractor appointment…

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Puff paint + Big green pizza truck

Yesterday was the last day of our company meeting and we spent half of it doing some volunteer charity work. I was assigned to the group that compiled hygiene kits for a women’s shelter. The shelter gets many women from domestic abuse situations so there are often children at the shelter as well. After we…

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Brownstone adventure park

There are no recipes or running today. Instead, you get to see me attempting to jump on a self-built raft on top of one of the 60 yr. old vice presidents of my company, in a bathing suit. Awkward. Let me explain. Yesterday was our full company summer meeting and this year’s location was Brownstone…

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