First post!!!


Since it’s Mother’s Day weekend I’m actually not going to post anything about food or running for my first post. The horror! Instead, let’s talk about flowers. Because, aren’t flowers one of the first things you associate with Mother’s Day?

I’m not a mother to anything other than this face

Caught eating dirt!

but, Mother’s Day is the first weekend around here where all the nurseries finally have a decent selection of flowers now that frost is usually done tormenting us for a few months. So, today was the perfect day to turn my pathetic looking deck and empty pots into something worth looking at for the summer.
 $130 later (can you believe how expensive flowers are? Apparently, I’m in the wrong line of work) I came home with these beauties:
2 hours and 1 bee sting (which may or may not have caused me to scream out some choice expletives in the presence of my 2nd grader neighbor, sorry Nick!) later, things were looking up.

Ahh, much better! These pretty little things make the perfect backdrop for an evening glass of wine (or beer), no?

Speaking of Mother’s Day, now I just have to actually figure out what my contribution will be at our BBQ lunch tomorrow for mom! Maybe there will be a  food post coming up!

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    Laura says

    I love flowers!! But they are really pricey. Thanks for starting a blog and giving me ANOTHER reason to procrastinate!

  2. 5


    Welcome to the blogosphere! I have a black thumb and can even kill ivy. In was able to keep an orchid for about 6 months though!


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