10 things I am loving this week

1. Workouts.

Call me crazy but I’ve been having a ton of fun lately keeping my mileage low and switching things up with different strength circuits instead.

Two of my favorites from this week:

workout 1


The first one is my own creation inspired by a 5X50 workout I saw on Julie’s pinterest board. I’m just not strong enough for 50 pushups though. The moves in green were done with no rest between them. I rested for about 2 minutes in between each set.

The second is another pinterest find (I solely use the sight for fitness inspiration, otherwise I want nothing to do with it!) from Iowa Girl Eats. I did this in my office at home when I needed a quick afternoon break. 15 minutes for 3 sets, not a bad little workout.

2. Kale and Feta Egg Bake love.

3. This smoothie.


Clementines, almond milk, ice, ginger, cinnamon, agave. Blend.

Apparently life can go on when you’ve been out of bananas for 3 days.

4. What I’m calling a successful attempt at a side twist (and an unsuccessful attempt at pinning it unnoticeably).

side twist

I can’t braid for the life of me in a mirror so I’m embracing the twist. Also, note I’m wearing real clothes in this picture. It only happens about once a week. We had harassment training for work and something just felt wrong about being in pajamas over the phone for that.

5. That there is even such a thing as a taco stand in this world. Also loving the tacos in said stand.

6. The amazing colors in this soup. The soup itself sounds pretty good too. But, that color!

7. My new toy.


I haven’t had my own computer since graduating college, almost 8 years ago since I’ve always had a work laptop. As work IT restrictions keep increasing, this was a necessary investment!

8. Becoming a FitFluential ambassador!

9. That the word “boner” is playable in words with friends and that I used it against my husband.


10. That Ulysses took today off and we’re currently enjoying a day in NYC. We don’t go into the city nearly enough considering how close we live. I love it, Ulysses would rather die than be stuck in crowded spaces, so this is huge. The best part? It was his idea. No begging from me. Not sure what I did to deserve this but I’ll take it! Also, no idea what we’re doing but I will not be coming home without a Crumbs cupcake in tow.

Happy weekend!


  1. says

    1) that smoothie looks awesome
    2) that computer looks awesome
    3) I can’t braid my hair for anything, so I can relate. My hands will NOT do what I want them to no matter how hard I try
    4) I have TOTALLY played boner before!! Love it.
    5) have a great time in the big city!

  2. says

    Agreed! Pinterest = workout ideas and motivational quotes. That’s about all I care for it for as well. But it is a GOLD MINE for those! I want to try your workout you came up with. Looks like a goodie! In fact, I just pinned it. ;)

  3. says

    Congrats on your new and very own computer. I can’t even believe you didn’t have one?! That’s just…crazy!

    And great job on the side twist, Katie’s soup (yes looked awesome) and so did Jessica’s tacos. There are like 10 taco stands I pass on one run. The beauty of living in SoCal is there is always a taco stand :)

  4. says

    I love the workout inspiration on Pinterest too! I’ve found myself doing so many more quick at home workouts when I don’t have time in my day to make the full trek to the gym. So convenient! I need to try the twist look. I’ve been trying to get the french braid thing down and it’s definitely not happening.

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